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Sore No More Classic Gelotion 12 oz
Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion has a thicker consistency than Sore No-More® Classic Liniment, meaning an easier application to areas where regular liniment is hard to keep in place Can be used as a coupling medium for ultrasound work while helping to reduce pain and inflammation in that area and can be used for massage too Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion can pinpoint areas of discomfort on your horse, as it will foam to indicate areas of heat and provide insight on possible injuries. Better for application to specific soft tissue areas, allowing less waste and proving to be more economical Sore No-More® Classic Gelotion provides an alternative choice for liniment application in di
Sore No More Classic Liniment With Sprayer 16 oz
Sore No-More® Classic Liniment has been awarded “Product of the Year” twice by The Horse Journal for its effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation. Do not be fooled by “Classic” being part of the name, the uses of this liniment go beyond traditional liniments. This liniment can be used on the poll, back, neck, legs, hock, knees and hoof to help reduce soft tissue discomfort. Though the ingredients are simple, the effectiveness is not. Sore No-More® has formulated a liniment that contains only all-natural, gentle ingredients making it safe for the most sensitive skinned horses. The liquid constancy is ideal for application and foams when massaged in areas that generat
Sore No More Clay Poultice
Made with high quality Bentonite clay, the base for many human facial masks, this poultice has a smooth constancy for easy application, reducing the need to use large amounts for application. Sore No-More® Classic Poultice is great for use in addressing abscesses as the clay helps draw out toxins and bring pockets to the surface, reducing recovery time. Removing the poultice is just as easy as applying. Unlike other poultices, this poultice can be easily brushed out or hosed off without scraping or scrubbing. Once applied, this poultice can be left unattended, alone or under wraps, as there is no risk of burning or irritations when left for extended periods of time like other
Sore No More The Sauce
Sore No-More® The Sauce is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial liniment, providing soothing relief to troubled areas while also assisting in the healing of fungal or bacterial infections. The Sauce is the first herbal sugardine dressing that is great at drawing out abscess. Simply mix with sugar to create a paste consistency and apply to hoof abscess as a packing. Ideal to use on sore hooves as its liniment base helps reduce inflammation and discomfort. The Sauce may also be used to help prevent hoof abscesses or bacterial and fungal infections on lower limbs if used on a regular basis.   Sore No-More® The Sauce is one of the first topical analgesics that help in treati
Sore No More Ultra Performance Gelotion 12 oz
A thicker formula than the liniment that is easy to apply before and after a ride. The Gelotion is a better option to use on areas such as the girth, poll, neck and lower limbs, where regular liniment might run off, causing product waste. The thicker consistency allows for a more precise application, leading to focus on a specific area of deep and soft tissue discomfort. Has dual usage as a coupling medium for ultrasound work while helping to ease any discomfort associated with soft tissue inflammation.  The research backed Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion is the optimal consistency of liniment, as a gelotion, for easy application to areas where regular linime
Sore No More Ultra Performance Liniment 16 oz
One of the very few, and possibly only, liniments that has research proving that it helps reduce deep tissue and soft tissue discomfort, and improve the performance of equine athletes. This clinical strength liniment has improved its effectiveness without compromising the foundation of Sore No-More®; not using harsh chemicals in its formulation, allowing for use on sensitive skin. Depended on by my many equine athletes to help reduce muscle, tendon and ligament inflammation, it will not interfere with agency drug regulations list. It is an ideal and safe aid to use under tack, before and after rides, to help soothe or prevent pain.  Conceived for high level competitors and
Sore No More Ultra Performance Poultice
* Arnica cooling clay * Clinical strength formula * Specially formulated for the equine athlete * Twice the strength as SORE NO-MORE Classic line * 5 lb formulation contains the equivalent of 2-16 oz bottles of SORE NO-MORE Liniment; 23 lb formulation contains the equivalent of approximately 9-16 oz bottles of SORE NO-MORE Liniment * Formulated with an invigorating ginger scent * Made in the USA SORE NO-MORE Performance Ultra Poultice is a silky smooth, nonirritating poultice formulated at clinical strength for any competition level. Specifically designed for faster and highly effective results when applied to areas of edema, swelling, heat, inflammation and infection. Excellent t