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AHE Power Curb Chain
Stainless Steel Power Curb Chain W/Quick Links, Curb: 6.3mm Stainless Steel Wire, Black Steel Chain Links, 3.5mm Quick Links
AHE Short Shank 3 Piece Twisted Lifter Bit
Antique Brown Short Shank Lifter Bit, 5" Dog Bone Mouth, Sweetiron Twisted Wire Bars W/Stainless Steel Dog Bone, 6-3/4" AB Cheeks W/Stainless Steel Dots
Classic Equine Cervi Diamond Dee Ring Square Snaffle
This bit is designed to help soften your horse's mouth and build sensitivity. Sherry uses it for softening her finished horses and for starting her colts. It is the perfect foundation bit that she depends on every day for all different types of horses in all stages of training.
Classic Equine Diamond Short Shank
This is a bit for starting barrel training, or on horses that have sensitive mouth that do not need much bit. It is nice and soft, offering complete rate and body lift for turns.
Classic Equine Diamond Short Shank Locked Cervi - 3 Piece Thick Twisted
Identical to the original Diamond Short Shank, but with a limited gag for horses that do not need the extra collection.
Classic Equine Goostree Double Gag Long Shank Dr. Bristol
The Long Shank Double Gag is intended for a rider to use on a light-mouthed horse that may need more direction and lift in competition runs as speed increases. The slight gag action gives the horse a chance to prepare for full contact before the rider actually engages the bit 100%. This bit is comfortable, safe and provides a tremendous amount of feel for the rider without being too harsh.
Classic Equine Goostree Pick Up Bit - Twisted Long Shank
The Pickup Bit is available in both long and short shank versions and is Carols next step up in control. Works well for obtaining shoulder control on seasoned horses that need help keeping their shoulder lifted going into the turns. Offers increased shoulder control and rate when needed. Horses that are harder mouthed usually respond well to the Pickup bit when lighter gag bits are not enough.
Classic Equine Goostree Quick Draw
Versatility and adaptability make the Quick Draw an excellent addition to any collection. Twisted wire dogbone mouthpiece is a basic tool for many disciplines. Gag length is variable by adjusting the headstall length, from 0” - 3”. Two rein rings allow for either 6” or 7-1/2” shank length. The Quick Draw is excellent for collection at speed and teaching vertical flexion at many different levels.
Classic Equine Goostree Simplicity Bit
The Simplicity bits are designed for light-mouthed horses that need more flex with added control. These bits enforce natural flexion and rate going into a turn and are great transitioning tools for young horses that are ready to add more speed as they advance. The Simplicity bits are trusted by some of the most successful barrel racers in the world.
Classic Equine Les Vogt 6-1/2" Shank Snaffle BIt
Lower leverage helps to make your horse more user friendly. Specially designed for soft-mouthed horses that need front end elevation. Great tool for collection education and maintenance.
Classic Equine Performance Series 7-1/2" Shank
The mouthpiece of the Smooth Dogbone wraps the tongue with applied pressure. Good for lateral pull and collection and may be used with a training fork or martingale for increased control of the poll and nose. The Snaffle mouthpiece is widely used for all types of riding and training activities. Good for lateral pull and collection and may be used with a training fork or martingale for increased control of the poll and nose. The Floating Spade mouthpiece wraps over the tongue with applied pressure. This is a great bit to introduce a horse to palate pressure as you transition to ported bits and taller corrections.The Correction mouthpiece wraps the mouth, applying increased pressure to the sid
Classic Equine Professional Series O Ring
The softest of the two O Ring styles, Smooth Snaffle mouthpiece is 3/8" in diameter, 5" wide, and curved to shape the mouth. Inlaid copper promotes salivation and greater sensitivity to the bars and corners of the mouth. Great for starting colts, training, or pleasure riding. A step up from the Smooth Snaffle, the Twisted Snaffle features a 3/8" x 5" stainless steel twisted wire mouthpiece. Each side is twisted in opposite directions, so when pressure is applied to either side, the horse realizes the same sensation. It creates greater sensitivity to the mouth. This is a great bit for training and softening the corners and bars of older horses to become more responsive.
Classic Equine Rickey Green Long Shank Snaffle
Rickey's bits were designed for training, practice, and competition and feature a loose-cheek shank to encourage lateral flexion and will allow the rider to control the horse's nose. The contoured shape of the Long Shank Snaffle makes the mouthpiece comfortable for the horse to carry. A 3" purchase provides the leverage required to lift the horse's head and shoulder, which keeps the hind quarters collected. Rickey recommends using a firm leather curb strap or flat chain with all bits in this series to allow the horse to feel and work off of the bit rather than react to the feel and pressure of a biting curb.
Classic Equine Rickey Green Sharp Setter Bit
Encourages a horse to rate quickly during a run. The port reaches the top of the mouth and signals the horse to flex at the poll quickly, bringing him into your hand and rate. Preferred on horses that are aggressive during the run to maintain control Rickey Green Bits by Classic Equine. Classic Equine proudly introduces Rickey Green's signature bit line. Rickey's bits were designed for training, practice or competition and feature a loose-cheek shank to encourage lateral flexion and will allow the rider to control the horse's nose.
Dutton LZ Smooth Dogbone Gag Bit
Dutton LZ long cheek traditional swept back gag bit. Sweet iron smooth mouth dogbone. 5" Mouthpiece.