Dura Tech

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Magnetic Ankle Wraps
Ideal for treating sesamoiditis , occelets, wind puffs and other ankle problems Increases blood..
Magnetic Bell Boots
Ideal for horses with hoof problems, laminitis and navicular Increases blood flow, reduces infl..
Magnetic Crown Piece
Relax nervous or excited horses without the use of drugs or supplements Magnets are positions a..
Magnetic Hock Boots
Ideal for the treatment of arthritis, bone and bog spavins, high suspensory injury and other hock..
Magnetic Quilts
Use as a standing wrap or under shipping bandages Ideal for the support and treatment of arthri..
Magnetic Tendon Wraps
Ideal for the treatment of bowed tendons, occelets, splints, shins and suspensory injuries Incr..
Nylon Rope Caveson
Adjustable rope caveson to fit all shapes and sizes Allows you to effectively achieve your desi..
Rubber Pull On Bell Boots
Provides heavy duty protection against hoof impact and trauma Thick, durable rubber absorbs sho..