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Cowboy Magic Detangler And Shine
* A unique product that works instantly on tangled hair! * Great for horse, pet & human hair Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine – Unique product that truly detangles tail hair instantly and keeps it that way for days. Contains silk protein and panthenol for a great shine and pure conditioning. Can be used on wet or dry hair, knots and tangles. Works instantly to detangle as you rub it in, no matter how difficult hair is to manage. Penetrates hair shaft, restores moisture and strengthens hair. Protects against UV sunlight. Repels dirt, dust and sand. Non-oily. Great for horse, pet and human hair.
$8.99 $8.19
Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover
Cowboy Magic® Greenspot® Remover is a no-rinse shower in a bottle! It breaks down foreign molecules and dissolves manure, urine, dirt, and sweat, melting them away. It contains silk and panthenol to strengthen hair and condition skin. Added shea butter makes it possible to brush up a shine after drying. Great for last minute touch-ups and for cleaning horses in cold weather when they cannot be bathed. 
Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner
Cowboy Magic Concentrated Rosewater Conditioner is a new innovation in the equine market. Hair neutralization and clarification has been a human hair salon service for a long time. It’s use results in healthy looking hair. Made in the USA. Concentrated: Can be used straight or dilute 20 to 1. Works Instantly: Dissolves mineral and chemical buildup deposited by water instantly. Deep Conditioner: Silk and panthenol penetrate hair and skin, moisturizing and adding body to hair. Long Lasting: Neutralizing the hair by demineralizing, it can last for more than a week. Works on People: Human hair care salons have been offering this special service for a long time. Use COWBOY MAGIC� as
Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo
With its double-action formula, the ingredients in Cowboy Magic® Shampoo work fast to break down and dissolve dirt and unwanted matter without damaging the horse's hair. Panthenol and silk protein penetrate hair strands and deep condition it to prevent dryness and to restore vibrancy. The silk molecules reflect prism light giving the hair a rich, natural shine.
Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellow Out
* Neutralizes and removes yellow stains from hair while brightening hair of all colors! * Contains added sunscreen! * Made in the USA Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout – Neutralizes and removes yellow stains from hair while brightening hair of all colors - black, white, chestnut, bay, brown, roan, palomino. Blacks look blacker; whites are whiter. Leaves hair silky, shiny and smelling good too. Hair sunscreen added. Apply to wet hair; massage until blue suds turn white. Soak 2-5 min, rinse. Minimizes permanent yellow stain until hair re-growth begins. Made in the USA.
Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine
Made by Cowboy Magic, Super BodyShine Spray repels dirt, dust and grime while giving your horse's mane, tail and coat a gleaming shine. In a ready-to-use, concentrated spray, Super BodyShine dries quickly and doesn't have a sticky residue so it doesn't attract dust. Just spray on and your horse's coat will gleam under the sun's rays or show ring lights. Do not use under the saddle area as it may cause your saddle to slip. 32 oz spray bottle. Ready to use. With Aloe for coat conditioning. Made by Cowboy Magic. Great value. Cowboy Magic Super BodyShine Spray Ingredients: Water/Aqua/Eau, Dimethicone, Amodimethicone, Trideceth-6, Parfum (Fragrance), Alo
Santa Fe Coat Conditioner And Sun Screen
* Formulated by top groomers to out-shine, out-clean and out-perform all other grooming products on the market Santa Fe Coat Conditioner – Enriched with silk proteins to revitalize hair, mane and tail. Formulated with vitamin E and panthenol to promote silky softness. Contains SPF 8 for long-lasting protection from the sun.
Silverado Coat Gloss
Ready-to-use spray on highlighter for coat, mane and tail Repels dust, dirt, grass, urine, manure and leather stains Hair polish will produce the best show ring shine Horse will stay show ring ready for days 32 oz. sprayer Made in the USA
Silverado Detangler And Shine
* Detangles manes and tails instantly and easily * Long-lasting, concentrated formula - a little goes a long way Silverado Detangler – High-grade blend of conditioners penetrates dry, brittle manes and tails, leaving them manageable, silky and lush. Additional UVA and UVB protection prevents manes and tails from sun damage, bleaching and breaking. Long-lasting formula helps repel dirt and dust and controls static. Does not contain alcohol. Work small amount into wet or dry hair, brush or comb through tangles as you go. Add small amounts as needed.
Silverado Face Glo
* Dramatically highlights for a fabulous face Silverado Face Glo – Show-enhancing highlighter for face, ears, muzzle, manes and tails. Helps cover unsightly scars and blemishes. Formulated with aloe and vitamin E to condition skin and sunblockers for UVA and UVB protection. 8 oz.
Silverado Shine
* Razzle, dazzle instant shine highlighter without the grease Silverado Shine – Safe, gentle, smooth spray covers evenly to highlight, condition and shine coats, manes and tails. Contains sunblockers for UVA and UVB protection to help prevent bleaching and breaking from sun damage. Special additives eliminate greasiness. Can be used daily for gorgeous results.
Silverado Visual Difference
* Instant green spot remover cleans up anywhere, anytime Silverado Visual Difference works on coats, manes and tails to instantly dissolve and remove dirt, sweat marks, grass, urine, manure stains and more. Fast, easy clean-up at home or shows, when bathing is impossible. Contains proteins, lanolin and aloe. Just spray on, work in, and brush or wipe off dirt and stains. No rinsing needed, doesn't contain alcohol and won't leave a residue. Ideal for palominos, grays, Paints, Pintos, Appaloosa and other fancy colored horses.
Remove loose hair and embedded dirt and dander from the coat year round without irritating the horse.  We promise that you will be completely in love with this item come shedding season and all year long. No honing the edges required, and the 10-inch length allows users to use two hands and quickly remove loose hair, dirt and dander.  Just simply swipe the metal teeth with a soft horse brush from your tack box to remove dirt build up, continue brushing and watch that sleek pony appear! SleekEZ's handle is constructed of poplar wood treated to protect it in the outdoor environment. The comb is designed with a unique, patented tooth pattern exclusive to SleekEZ
World Champion Pepi
Description: An easy to use coat conditioner and glosser to give that World Champion style show ring look. Extra gentle and will not irritate animals skin. Product Benefits: Instant Sheen for that show ring look! Directions: Spray coat evenly with sweeping strokes, holding can 12-15" away Wipe horses with a towel or a brush and re-apply if necessary Do not spray near eyes or nostrils Ingredients: Not Given Warning: Keep this product away from heat, sparks, flames, pilot lights and sources of static discharge. Do not store above 120 degrees F or in direct sunlight. Do not puncture, incinerate or discard in compactor. Use directional arrow on spray head to av