BeneFab Rejuvenate SmartHood

BeneFab Rejuvenate SmartHood
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  • * The only dual action therapy of ceramics and magnetics, featuring over 27-1100 gauss, unipolar magnets that target key acupuncture points in the head and neck
    * Neck cover for circulation and pain relief, increased oxygen flow and decreased inflammation
    * Moisture wicking

    BeneFab Rejuvenate SmartHood – Comprised of ceramic nano-particled lycra that emits FAR-infrared rays in conjunction with over 27 magnets poised over specific acupuncture points in head and neck, including magnets over problem places like the TMJ and forehead to help with headshakers. This combination promotes muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments to stay soft and relaxed while increasing circulation and reducing pain and inflammation.

    Preventing and treating pain and inflammation are paramount for long-term health of equine athletes. Arenus, the leader in equine health supplements, is happy to offer two revolutionary companion products to keep equine athletes healthy and happy. BeneFab by SORE NO-MORE utilizes ceramic and magnetic therapies to increase circulation, relieve muscle discomfort and alleviate joint stress.

    Light, flexible design. Quick dry and hygoscopic technology regulates temperature – no need to worry about sweat. Large eye and ear holes reduce feeling of binding or rubbing of sensitive areas. Strategically placed Velcro and half zip closures will not snag and rip ceramic lycra. High quality elastic’s integrity will not deteriorate over time. Available in medium and large sizes to ensure a proper fit for every type of horse.

    Directions: Apply to horse’s neck and head with or without liniment or gelotion, to give extra support and increase circulation. Easy to use, can be worn up to 12 hours and be left on unattended. Use 4 hours maximum during first use.

    Perfect therapeutic addition to SORE NO-MORE liniments and gelotions. Together, SORE NO-MORE and BeneFab create a non-invasive, dual-action, research-backed system that works synergistically so horse can recover quickly; proven to relieve pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and relax muscles. For best results, use SORE NO-MORE Gelotion or Liniment on horse’s shoulders, withers, neck and poll before using SmartHood.

    Use with SORE NO-MORE: Liniment - Spray SORE NO-MORE Classic or Performance Liniment along horse’s entire neck, poll, chin or on sore muscle areas to loosen and relax sore muscles and improve circulation. For horses with stiffness and soreness, or during times of heavy work, try with SORE NO-MORE Performance Ultra Liniment.

    Gelotion - Rub SORE NO-MORE Classic or Performance Gelotion entire neck, poll, chin or on sore muscle areas to loosen and relax sore muscles and improve circulation. SORE NO-MORE Gelotion can also be used as an indicator of sore muscles: massage into horse’s top line and gelotion will foam upon encountering a hot spot.

    100% polyester plus ceramic textile. Machine washable for easy maintenance; line dry. Medium 950-1,200 lbs; Large 1,250-1,500 lbs. Black.