Draw It Out CBD Infused Spray 16 oz

Draw It Out CBD Infused Spray 16 oz

Draw It Out
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DiO introduces DiO Plus horse liniment, an equine industry horse care innovation harnessing botanical blend benefits with full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) and arnica to prevent and relieve joint and muscle pain, swelling, and inflammation due to overexertion, arthritis, laminitis, minor injuries, and other chronic conditions. 

iO Plus Liniment has the same great benefits as original DiO Liniment. It’s odorless, colorless, doesn’t stain, non-greasy, all-natural, and chemical-free.

DiO Plus is recommended for use during periods of intense training, competition, or exertion while the original DiO Liniment formula is recommended for use during normal periods of training or competition. 

DiO Plus can be used under pads, boots, and wraps without burning, blistering, or slippage.

For an abscess or hoof bruising, simply apply DiO Plus liberally to affected area then cover, wrap, or boot overnight.

DiO PLUS is a topically applied product that can be massaged right into tired joints and overworked muscles throughout the day or as desired for immediate relief whenever your horses need it. Owners of equine athletes are very familiar with muscle soreness and achy joints. These problems regularly occur during times extended standing in stalls or when we ramp up the intensity of their training or participating in a particularly strenuous competitions. To combat these issues owners have employed all sorts of remedies to manage soreness and tightness. We’ve all seen the vibration plates, homemade concoctions and all sorts of therapeutic wearables. These all can provide great relief but applying DiO PLUS provides focused relief directly to the area. While other types of CBD products, such as supplements, deliver CBD to the bloodstream to circulate through the entire body, DiO PLUS allows horse owners to direct the natural pain relieving properties of CBD directly to sore muscles and joint. When DiO PLUS is applied, the active cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the intended area. This local application allows DiO PLUS to immediately interact with nearby cannabinoid receptors for faster and more focused relief.

When we formulated DiO PLUS we wanted more than just another CBD product. We went all out formulating our new botanical blend to go along with an astonishing amount of CBD! The DiO Proprietary Botanical Blend contains naturally extracted botanics that have anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties including Arnica!

Arnica contains powerful compounds that can help fight inflammation, alleviate pain and stimulate white cell activity to promote healing.  Arnica is traditionally used for reducing pain and swelling caused by various injuries or medical conditions, such as sprains, fractures, overexertion or arthritis.  Arnica has also been used for wound healing, superficial phlebitis and inflammation caused by insect bites.