Finish Line Fluid Action HA

Finish Line Fluid Action HA

Fluid Action HA Powder provides the same great benefits as original Fluid Action Powder with Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) added for extra support in preserving healthy joints. Sodium Hyaluronate, or Hyaluronic Acid, supports joint function by lubricating joints and helping to maintain structural integrity. It also increases the viscosity level of the synovial fluid in joints.

Fluid Action HA Powder does not contain ingredients that mask joint discomfort. Some other products contain ingredients for temporary relief that do not address the true cause of the problem. In fact, many of these ingredients can actually make the trouble worse by breaking down cartilage. Fluid Action products help maintain healthy joints by supplying the necessary "building blocks".

Product Details:

  • See a difference in 8 days or less!
  • Concentrated formula for a great value & taste horses love
  • 100mg Sodium Hyaluronate per serving
  • 5000mg glucosamine per serving
  • 1000 mg Vitamin C per serving
  • 2000 mg MSM per serving
  • Also contains turmeric, yucca and more.

Each 1.2 lb tub contains up to a 45-day supply

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