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E Natural

E Natural

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A Natural Source of Vitamin E for all classes of horses. 

  • Natural-Source of Vitamin E  
  • Biologically Active Formula  
  • Derived from Natural Plant Oils  
  • Supports Nerve Function  
  • Supports Muscle Function  
  • Nutritional support for healthy immune function  
  • Powerful Antioxidant  
  • Powder Form  
  • Supports Topline

Vitamin E is an essential and required nutrient, but is not produced by the horse’s body, therefore must be obtained through food. Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and works closely with Selenium and Vitamin C to protect the body from the oxidative stress. Horse would naturally consume Vitamin E from fresh green pasture but due to current management pasture is not often available to horses. If Vitamin E levels are too low a horse may become lethargic, suffer from sore muscles and have decreased immune function.

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