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Funky Unicorn

Funky Unicorn Horse Treats

Funky Unicorn Horse Treats

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Funky Unicorn Electrolyte Cubes are a horse treat with a purpose! The small dose of electrolytes found in each cube help to trigger thirst for proper hydration. An effective aid to make sure your horse is staying sufficiently hydrated during times of stress such as horse shows or events, after trailering, or during changes in weather. These scrumptious treats entice picky water drinkers and are safe for every day use. Three delicious flavors available for the most discriminating of equines.

Product Details:

  • Delivers small dose of electrolytes in each cube
  • Triggers thirst for optimal hydration
  • Perfect for shows, trailering, weather changes, and other times of stress
  • Highly palatable sweet and savory flavors to entice picky drinkers
  • Safe for daily use
  • Designed to enhance and not replace your existing electrolyte regimen
  • Approximately 110 cubes per 8 oz container
  • Available in apple, banana, or mint flavors

Please Note: We recommend no more than 10-12 cubes daily for an average 1250 lb horse

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