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Natural Horse Remedies

Natural Horse Remedies Headace Healer

Natural Horse Remedies Headace Healer

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Introducing an all natural Headache Healer, the perfect solution for those suffering from headaches, migraines, or sinus pressure. Just rub a small amount of this potent, all-natural formula on the affected area and feel the gentle, soothing relief. NHR's Headache Healer is specially designed to be gentle on your skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive individuals. Unlike other headache relievers, this product boasts an effective, non-overbearing scent that you'll love. Say goodbye to headache discomfort and hello to fast, effective relief with NHR's Headache Healer.

Made with beeswax and coconut oil, both of which are gentle on your skin to prevent irritation and soften areas of use. Hemp seed oil will draw out the tension as well. The special essential oil blend is powerful enough to get rid of the headache without overwhelming scents.

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