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Omega Fields

Omega Horseshine Complete

Omega Horseshine Complete

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Honoring your First Promise to your horse, we have created in all-in-one supplement featuring Omega-3-6-9, antioxidants, Diamond V® yeast, essential vitamins and minerals that may support healthy, shiny coat; strong, solid hooves; strong immune system; and digestive stability for total health –for horses in all life stages.

This enhanced Omega-3 supplement contains the best ratios of the full spectrum of natural EFAs- higher in Omega-3 and 9, lower in Omega-6 – along with synergistic plant and vitamin-based antioxidants from flaxseed.

All flaxseed used in Omega Fields’ products is milled to Global Food Safety Initiative standards for human consumption, employing a rigorous microbial reduction process and utilizing our Pure Glean stabilization technique for long shelf life. The flaxseed is certified to BRCGS Standards, and guaranteed shelf stable for a MINIMUM of one year under (many have an 18 month shelf life) ambient storage conditions – no refrigeration or special packaging required!

We have fortified our new Omega Horseshine Complete with a significantly higher amount of Biotin (15mg/day vs 5mg/day in original Grande formula).  Some of our customers have asked about any potential problems feeding this increased amount.   Biotin is not known to be toxic and has been recommended to be fed to horses in amounts of 20 mg/day in research trials.  By comparison, human trials have demonstrated that toxicity was not achieved even at levels of 200 mg/day, which would be the equivalent to 1500 mg/day for an average sized horse.  We feel that there is no danger in feeding the amount of 10-20/mg/day to any of the horses that you feed.

Better than the competition:

You can have confidence in the Premium, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, 99.9% Pure, Stabilized, Ground, Fortified Flax we use in our Omega Horseshine COMPLETE formula. PureGlean stabilization technology provides a stable, ground, fortified flaxseed composition as a rich source of Omega-3 in the diet.

PureGlean stabilization technology includes the inclusion of B-6 and Zinc when the seeds are going through the grinding process. Flax seed contains a natural B-6 antagonist, so B-6 needs to be added to ground flax. B-6 and Zinc not only enhance the stabilization of the essential fatty acids, but also fortify the ground flax seed with the nutrients used by the body when flax seed is being metabolized.

25.3 g of Omega-3
5.3 g of Omega-6
5.3 g of Omega-9
15 mg of Biotin
0.57 mg of Selenium
63 mg of Iron
Total Non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) = 5.0% Max.

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