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Showman D-Ring Low Port Comfort Snaffle

Showman D-Ring Low Port Comfort Snaffle

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This D-ring low port comfort snaffle bit is a type of bit that is commonly used in horse riding. The bit is designed with a D-shaped ring on either side, which provides stability in the horse's mouth and prevents it from sliding around or moving unnecessarily. The low port refers to the shape of the mouthpiece, which is curved downward to create a more comfortable fit for the horse's tongue and reduce pressure on the palate. This type of bit is ideal for horses with sensitive mouths or those that have trouble accepting other types of bits. 

It provides gentle control and allows the rider to communicate with their horse effectively without causing discomfort or pain. The D-ring design also helps to prevent the bit from sliding through the horse's mouth and provides a clear and consistent signal to the horse. This D-ring low port comfort snaffle bit is a popular choice for riders who want to ensure the comfort and well-being of their horse while maintaining control and communication during their ride.

  • Copper promotes salivation and acceptance of bit
  • Smooth independent side-to-side movement. 
  • Ergonomic forward mouthpiece for comfort and balanced pressure distribution
  • Dotted rings create an antique western look. 
  • Tongue relief style mouthpiece
  • Black SS cheeks 
  • Copper roller works well with horses that like to play with the bit
  • Mouth: 5 in / stainless-steel with copper roller
  • Cheeks: 2 1/2 in / silver dotted
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