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Signature Stall Mats

Signature Stall Mats - 5 x 9' Full Thickness

Signature Stall Mats - 5 x 9' Full Thickness

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AT THIS TIME, SIGNATURE STALL MATS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT. Mats can be purchased online, but must be picked up, or pickup arrangements made. To purchase & arrange for pick up, please contact us! Mats purchased with the intent of having them shipped will be refunded minus a 5% processing fee. 

New!! now available in the 5 x 9' size. Use two mats for full stall coverage.

Signature Stall Mats are a game changer for your horse while traveling and around home. Hilary Hightower, a lifelong horse trainer and enthusiast created these therapeutic mats. She had nothing but the best in mind for her equine partners when developing the mats.

Signature Stall Mats was the very first on the equine market (formerly known as 'Suite Stalls Mats', then 'Suite Mats' – Same great product. Different name and ownership.) 

Made in the USA  

The Most “bang for your buck!” Our mats are less expensive for a larger size & thicker mat in comparison to other mats on the market.  They are durable! They are made from a heavy-duty vinyl and closed-cell foam.  Did we mention they’re light weight? Only around 25lbs. per mat.  

*The length of the mat may vary between 8.8' and 9.4' in length. The width is 5;. Thickness of the full thickness mat is 1-5/8". 

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